Professor Onwioduokit is a creative, self-motivated personality with B.Sc. M.Phil. and Ph.D degrees in Economics with specialty in monetary economics, public Finance, development economics environmental economics, labour economics,and international economics. He is a hands-on expert on regional integration issues. He has over 30 years working experience spanning academic, central banking and public sector, working on economic policy management and analysis at country, regional and multilateral institutional levels.

He started his carrier as a graduate assistant in the Department of Economics, University of Uyo, Nigeria in the 1980s. He joined the central bank of Nigeria in 1990, where he rose to the position of Senior Economist in January 1999. Between August 1999 and March, 2001, he worked as a Special Assistant (Economic Affairs) in the office of the vice president, federal republic of Nigeria. In March 2001, he was appointed chief economist at the West African monetary institute, Accra Ghana. In July 2006, he was appointed Head of Multilateral Surveillance Division at the Institute, responsible for the articulation, coordination and implementation of macroeconomic surveillance in all the WAMZ countries.

From December 2008 to April 2009, he served as Deputy Director and Head of Multilateral Surveillance Department in The West African Monetary Institute. In May 2009, He was appointed Deputy Director, Financial Integration Department, West African Monetary Institute, Accra, Ghana. He has consulted widely for several international organisations including the United Nations, World Bank, and ECOWAS.

He is a distinguished scholar, a Professor of Economics, with over ninety journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings. He has authored a text book on Public Finance that recommended for Post Graduate Studies. He served as Honourable Commissioner for Economic Development, Akwa Ibom State from July 2015 to November, 2017.He is very happily married with four children.