Faith of Our Predecessors




The Faith of Our Predecessors is a discourse on one of the most important concerns of Christianity namely faith. It is a product of the author’s deep reflection on the faith of our Christian fathers as against the faith of our present generation. To every true believer, Christianity is a heritage which is reinforced with the precepts from the Holy Bible, which are supposed to guide our steps.

We must work hard to increase our faith because it is the pathway to obtaining divine grace. However, it must be stated that faith does not come by mere Wishes but rather, as an absolute value which is founded on a robust intellectual, spiritual and emotional development. Faith comes with learning and witnessing; devotion and perseverance and with man’s undying urge to seek God where He is sure to be found. To those who have it therefore, faith is a beautiful essence, a thing of joy, a lamp which lights our way to glory.

The scripture is quite unambiguous on its expositions on this subject. For instance, Hebrews chapter eleven presents a catalogue of the heroes of faith. But in contemporary times, however, there appears to be so much confusion within and without the church as to what conforms to the biblical concept of faith on the one hand, and what passes as presumption or even foolishness, on the other.

In this study, an attempt has been made to pay particular attention to minute details of what really constitute the faith of the church fathers as adumbrated in Hebrews chapter eleven. It is, therefore, my hope and belief that as you go through this volume, you will find in it sufficient inspiration that will spur you into further studies. It is also my prayer that this work will provide the
church the needed illumination for the hour.

Emmanuel A. Onwioduokit
August, 2012

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Chapter One: What is Faith?
Chapter Two: The Anatomy of Faith
Chapter Three: The Faith of Abel
Chapter Four: The Faith of Enoch
Chapter Five: The Faith of Noah
Chapter six: The Faith of Abraham
Chapter Seven: The Faith of Sarah
Chapter Eight: The Faith of Isaac
Chapter Nine: The Faith of Jacob
Chapter Ten: The Faith of Joseph
Chapter Eleven: The Faith of Moses’ Parents